Our Local Footprint


Become A Location

Offer your business as a Local Curb Hop Market Pickup location for our vendors to drop off fulfilled orders to market staff and provide customers a place to pickup those orders

Our Market Staff

Our Curb Hop Market Staff expedites all orders and interactions between vendors, orders, and customers. We handle to sale of all items, schedule vendors a drop-off window, and customers a pickup window to facilitate the fulfillment of items sold on our site.

Money Exchange

All orders are paid in full at the time of pickup. Customers conveniently checkout on our site and only use your locations grounds as a pickup location to meet their orders.


Our Virtual Curb Hop Market is a perfect model for local businesses to participate with local vendors and fulfill a need for local customers in our area who need a convenient place to pickup their orders!

Our local vendors bring so many resources to our community; it is our mission to bridge the gap between vendors and locals and to facilitate an avenue for local vendors to thrive and connect. 

We handle order fulfillment, payment processing, and any customer service issues that arise during the Curb Hop Market. Karma Grocery will have staff and volunteers on-site, and will only need your location for parking or drive-thru or walk ups for customers.

As this grows, we would welcome you to stay on board with us. We will be rolling out more options coming up and we expect this platform to grow beyond our local area! Let’s build a extensive market together!

Refrigerated Products

Most of our vendors do not need refrigeration, but some do. Please let us know if you will be able to offer cold units at your facility for those limited items.

Farmer Viability

Creating a viable marketplace for farmers to serve the needs of locals is our end mission. We welcome you to become involved in our mission and grow with us!

Vendor Delivery

Vendors fulfill their own orders based on items sold and their customers desired pickup location. We may have volunteers pick up fulfilled boxes at your location to deliver to elderly and special needs families in the area.


We will guide our program in coordinate with the Governor of South Carolina and heed the advice from the CDC and Federal Government in our operational standardsduring the [COVID-19[ outbreak. If you have questions or reccommendations, reach out to our team.

Frequently asked questions

No, of course not! We welcome you and thank you for getting involved with our market and for becoming a resource for our local community!


We will have Curb Hop Market Staff on-site for each scheduled pickup date and we will answer to any customer service issues that may arrise.

  1. Orders will be placed on our website 24/7 by customers
  2. Each vendor will have various delivery options for the customer to choose from. 
  3. The order submission deadline for our Curb Hop Market will be 24 hours before each market pickup date.
  4. Vendors will drop off items sold at Curb Hop Market Locations on the scheduled date and time slot organized for vendor drop off.
  5. Customers choose a pickup time to pickup their orders.

We welcome you to volunteer your location, but our Curb Hop Market does not  offer payment for market pickup locations. 

Once you submit your application, our team will review it and reach back out to you within (24) hours. If you do not hear from our team or have further questions, you may reach out to our team by email or reach out to us by phone.

Yes! Please help us get the word out to your customers through your business Social Media pages +


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