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Laundry Soap Claming Water


Calming Water is a cool apricot, geranium, cucumber and fresh water. I always say this the scent that people choose if they are Lavender lovers but want something different

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Nood Clean 1 and Ruined New Jeans with Red Clay on them 0. Yesterday we had a woman who owns a farm in Anderson tell us of her brother who thought he ruined his new jeans because of red clay on them. She used her Nood Clean laundry soap and now we have two more believers in our Natural option to the toxic chemical laden national brands. Nood Clean has a proven track record of money saving success stories like this one in our 5-year history. We are not asking you to believe our words!!! Come and see us and get a sample for free and believe the results. Nood Clean is just a simple five ingredient laundry soap the just plain works period. Oh, and we have changed people with allergies lives over the five years too. Nood Clean, since it is simple doesn’t cause allergy issues.



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