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Nood Clean

We are a local upstate business; my family make from scratch a natural Laundry detergent, Dishwasher detergent, Liquid Castile soap, Dish/hand soap, Hand Foaming soap, Bug Repellent and Sunscreen. our goal from the beginning was/is to make a natural cleaning soaps that is safe for everyone to use without worry of toxic chemicals and allergic reactions. We make are soap from scratch one 5 gal. batch at a time to ensure consistency. Our product presently can be found here at the Clemson food Exchange and many other upstate Retail location. We are working with several farmers markets this year such as Toasty Farmer Winter Market, Travelers Rest farmers market, Simpsonville Farmers Market, Hub City in Spartanburg and Ashville City Farmer Market and the Toasty Farmer located at the Brewery 85 through the winter.

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Laundry Soap Plumeria


Plumeria tropical plant and has a sweet light floral scent.

Here is what say about our laundry soap:

“I purchased a gallon of their liquid soap from The Rabbit Trail Cafe when I was visiting Greenville, South Carolina from Rhode Island and I absolutely Love it! Not only does it clean well but it has such a pleasant smell. People think that chemical free detergents don’t clean well but they are wrong. I highly recommend this product and need to buy more. I am almost out!”

“I will never buy another laundry soap. This gets my clothes smelling fresh and cleans so well. There is no down side to this laundry soap. For the price it really can not be beat. I stopped using Tide and will stay a loyal customer to this laundry soap. I’d say if you are shopping around and reading reviews before you buy your stuff (like I do) try this soap! I have very bad allergies to harsh chemicals and this detergent has solved my problem.”

We stumbled into using this – got it at the farmers market to support a local business. I loved the smell and how clean my laundry got. When I ran out, I lazily bought some tide and my newborn broke out in a head to toe rash. We didn’t connect the dots for several days, as the rash got worse. Then I ran out and bought this product again and her rash quickly cleared up. Maybe this was a coincidence but I doubt it. Thank you. So lucky to have y’all near!

Nood Clean was started as a personal need and has grown into a business. Our goal is that our neighbors will never have to choose between clean and health, because with Nood Clean you will be, and your clothes will be clean and with no risk to your or your family’s health. Our product has stood the test of time. We have provided a very effective product that has not in five years caused any allergy issues. We simply make soap; we have no special formulas; we simply just try to make good natural pure soap that we use ourselves. Every product we have made and will make has been tested by people like you and has given us feedback about how it worked for them


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Laundry Soap Plumeria

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Nood Clean 1 and Ruined New Jeans with Red Clay on them 0. Yesterday we had a woman who owns a farm in Anderson tell us of her brother who thought he ruined his new jeans because of red clay on them. She used her Nood Clean laundry soap and now we have two more believers in our Natural option to the toxic chemical laden national brands. Nood Clean has a proven track record of money saving success stories like this one in our 5-year history. We are not asking you to believe our words!!! Come and see us and get a sample for free and believe the results. Nood Clean is just a simple five ingredient laundry soap the just plain works period. Oh, and we have changed people with allergies lives over the five years too. Nood Clean, since it is simple doesn’t cause allergy issues.


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