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Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones

Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones is known for delicious local honey and bee pollen. Also all natural dog biscuits made with honey and all natural handcrafted dog products made with honey.

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Miss Bee Haven Teaonic

Teaonic is a work I made up!  It means a combination of tea and tonic!

if you have a dog who is afraid of thunder, lightening, fireworks, company, car rides, etc. this product will help him and you through.

I grow my own chamomile , dry it and take some dried lemon peel and make tea bags.  I give you a small jar of honey and 5 teabags and when you see an unpleasant situation popping up, brew a 16 oz cup of tea for your fur baby.  Let it cool, add a half teaspoon of the honey and give it your dog.  Keep the rest for later.  After about 10 minutes, your dog will be calm and just lay down and not care if those boomers keep coming.  He is calm and relaxed .  He’ll love to drink it because of the honey.

5 handmade teabags made with chamomile and lemon peel and a small jar of honey.

Brew 16 oz of water with a tea bag.  Add 1/4 teaspoon of my honey and let cool.

Serve to your dog about 10 minutes before the fireworks or thunder and lightening begin.  Great if they get excited when Company comes over or if they don’t like car rides.  It just relaxes them naturally.


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You usually find her at markets all over the town, Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones has gained a reputation around the Upstate with her hives of honey and honey bones!

Our favorite is her “Stank Dog Honey Shampoo” that leaves our pet thrilled about bathtime! Everything made with #Local #Honey and delivered to a market of your choice for pickup!

When Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones speaks of her “girls” you can feel the passion that encompasses her brand!

Give Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones a try if you haven’t already! The Queen in her passion and her bees are her admiration. Ask her about her bees and the ways that she uses them as workers to create her line of #Local #Honey products for your cupboard and pet alike!

You can find Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones products here at as well as her website; as well as retailers and most markets around town! To learn more about Miss Bee Haven Honey Bones and her brand, contact her at


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