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Vendor Products

Vendors will be given the amount of sku’s reflected in the chosen seller tier they have selected. You may use those products sku’s interchangeably for any products you want to list in our marketplace. 

Example- If you have (25) sku’s, but have used them all, you can change one of your products into a new product using the same sku to stay within your given sku’s.

You may purchase additional sku’s from Karma Grocery, which are billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time. Perfect for drive times of holidays! 

All products are subject to approval from our Helpdesk before they are live in our marketplace! Karma Grocery has the right to manage or forbid any content within or any of it’s affiliates.


Karma Grocery acts as the facilitator of delivery for your product order(s). The vendor is responsible for delivering all sold products to Central Vendor Drop-Off during scheduled drop-0ff times on scheduled market days. Karma Grocery will facilitate those fulfilled orders to the customer.


Karma Grocery will accept orders up to (24) hours before a market location’s scheduled pickup time (by default) to allow vendors time to process, fulfill, and deliver those orders to Curb Hop Market Central Drop-Off point(s)

If you need more than or less than (24) hours to fulfill your order, you can customize your lead time (per product) in the Product Upload section of your Vendor Dashboard!


Most Vendor Products sold by Karma Grocery are subscription based. If you are enrolled in a product and renewal payment fails, your access to these products from Karma Grocery may be suspended until we collect payment. (NOTE: This could deactivate products in marketplace)


The reputation of our brand is important to us! Therefore, we have very strict, managed guidelines for vendor fulfillment and restrict vendors from failing to fulfill orders. If you are having issues with stock levels, lead times, product listing(s), please contact Helpdesk Support to avoid disciplinary actions from Karma Grocery Administration. 

Karma Grocery MUST be notified by the vendor of any order related issues that may result in failed fulfillment within (4) hours of the start of pickup times for customers. Failure to notify our staff within (4) hours is considered “Failed Fulfillment Without Proper Notice”

>> “Failed Fulfillment Without Proper Notice” 1st Offense: 1 Month Suspension (at discretion of administration) ***No Refunds***

>> “Failed Fulfillment Without Proper Notice” 2nd Offense: IMMEDIATE TERMINATION ***No Refunds***

Karma Grocery MUST be notified by the vendor of any order related issues that may result in failed fulfillment within (4) hours of the start of pickup times for customers. Notifying our staff within (4) hours of pickup is considered “Failed Fulfillment WITH Proper Notice”

>> “Failed Fulfillment WITH Proper Notice” 1st Offense: Vendor must submit circumstances and fulfillment review plan will be audited by our administration to determine discipline or resolution(s).

>> “Failed Fulfillment WITH Proper Notice” 2nd Offense can result in immediate termination ***No Refunds***


Orders that have surpassed the products lead time are not to be cancelled by the customer. All orders cancelling before the lead time, will be cancelled in Karma Grocery’s Merchant system and the vendor will be notified of the order cancellation.


Karma Grocery does not offer refunds. However, there are times when we need to make a credit to a customers account because of a customer service issue that may be unrelated to the sales of your products, specifically. If you notice that an order has been paid with a credit from a customer, no worries! We are going to pay you out as normal for product(s) sold.