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Our Technical Platform

Powered by WordPress. We offer a similar platform to Etsy or Amazon Seller as your e-commerce solution! With power to over 800,000 visitors per day, our site can handle the traffic at ultimate speed and optimization. We have 24/7 in-house support to help you with any issues that may arise.

24/7 Vendor Support

Karma Grocery offers our Helpdesk to Vendors for premium support. Through CISCO WebEx cutting edge technology, we are able to help you will seller issues as they arise. Opening a ticket with our Helpdesk is super easy and comes with fast response times.

Payment Processing

Karma Grocery handles all merchant processing on behalf of the vendor and resolutes all customer service between the seller and the customer. With our fast, reliable customer service we pay close attention to our Customer's Experience and take great pride in our level of customer service. We also represent your brand in a way that is pleasing to every seller and customer.






Our Virtual Food Hub is built especially for you! Our local vendors bring so many resources to our community; it is our mission to bridge the gap between local Makers & Growers and locals. Also to facilitate an avenue for local Makers & Growers to thrive and connect. 

All vendors have to do is deliver their sold items to our central market drop-off location on market days, Drop those items into customer designated boxes; we will do the rest! 

As this grows, we welcome your feedback on how we can make your seller experience a better one! Our site is powered by WordPress, so the options are endless and we see this as being a long term solution to the gap between locals and local, in other communities as well! Let’s build a extensive market together!


  • We maintain your platform of 800,000 visitor per day capacity, customer capture, vendor management, + more
  • We market and advertise our Virtual Food Hub Market through broadcast media, social media, word of mouth, and print advertising!
  • We offer a complete SECURE SSL PROTECTED checkout for customers to conveniently pay and store their payment information for future use.


  • Complete the vendor questionnaire at the bottom of this page.
  • If approved, you will be asked to pay your Vendor Enrollment Fee and register your brand in our marketplace.
  • After registering your brand, check your email to secure your account and set your account password
  • Once your brand is ready in our marketplace, we will notify you to begin uploading your products!

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Unlimited Products

We are currently offering unlimited product placement in our virtual marketplace for as many products as you want to load. This is an advantage to selling on our platform and increases your reachability among consumers.

Payment Disbursements

Vendor disbursements will go through your PayPal Business Account and will be disbursed within 3 days of each Curb Hop Market for fulfilled orders. If you do not have a PayPal business account, you can click the PayPal logo in the top of this box to open an account

Ship Nationwide

Vendors can take part in our shipping platform to sell your products to more places or stay local, it's up to you! We have Commercial Tier I pricing from the USPS and use Priority Mail 1-3 days delivery for all of our shipping! Vendors are responsible for packing items for 3 day deliveries if you choose shipping.

Run Product Promotions

Vendors can select products to run promotions in our store. Limit the amount of times a coupon can be used or limit certain items to be discounted. It is 100% customizable. Contact the Help Desk for more.

Detailed Reporting

We offer detailed live reporting in your vendor dashboard area. Keep track of sales, disbursements, trending products, + more with our detailed reporting system.

Elderly & Special Deliveries

We are partnering with other local organizations and community volunteers to offer deliveries to elderly and special circumstances in our community. Through our volunteers, we hope to make a difference by delivering donor boxes curated with your products!, at wholesale price.


We have suspended the idea of charging a monthly vendor fee during the quarantine period of [COVID-19] in an effort to bring vendors to our locals as a community resource!

We will notify you if this changes in the future, but for now...let's be a community!

Frequently asked questions

>>We do not charge a monthly fee per vendor and we not have a contract holding vendors to our platform. You can choose to discontinue at any time.

>> Vendor Enrollment Fees are a one-time charge and are non-refundable if you decide to leave our marketplace.

Vendor Seller Fees

>> One time Vendor Registration Fee of $25 (due upon approval)

>> We retain 20% of sales as our Market Fee


  1. Customers place orders 24/7 on our platform.
  2. Customer chooses delivery or pickup option for products purchased.
  3. Vendor delivers sold good(s) to central drop off location on market days.
  4. Karma Grocery takes curated orders to Customer Pickup Locations to facilitate your order.
  5. Karma Grocery pays the vendor within (3) days of market day.

>>Enter your PayPal Business Account email into your vendor dashboard for disbursement. 

>> Karma Grocery will disperse all vendor funds within 3 days of each market for items sold and fulfilled.

>> After you submit your vendor application and upload (4) photos, we will contact you with approval within 24 hours.

Yes! Please help us get the word out to your customers through your business Social Media pages +

Be sure to TAG @KarmaGrocery in your posts and use #KarmaGrocery

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To Our Vendors,

During this quarantine period of COVID-19, we have a few recommendations to keep you and our customers safe!

  1. As the CDC has recommended, keep your hands washed well!
  2. Use caution while shopping at grocery stores, exercise precise hygiene while doing so.
  3. Reach to the back of rows to avoid products that have recently been handled.
  4. Shield your products from others to avoid contamination.
  5. Wear gloves and mask (if possible) when delivering to market locations and keep a safe distance of at least 6 feet from other vendors or staff.
  6. If you deliver to a customer’s home location, do not enter the home. Leave the order on the porch or outside the residence and notify the customer. 
  7. We will offer vendor shipping fulfillment to avoid vendors from having to enter a post office. We use Commercial Based Shipping from USPS.